Become a Patron & Spark a Verse


Spark+Echo Arts is the coming together of thousands of patrons and artists from around the world to illuminate every verse of the Bible through the arts. There are multiple ways to support and become a part of this one-of-a-kind community. 

Become a Patron on Patreon

Become a Patron

Sign up on Patreon and choose an amount to contribute each month, as low as $1. Your donations go directly to artist honorariums and you’ll become an active part of our  community. Patreon patrons are given special access to our site, able to “spark” verses and works-in-progress. Learn more. 



To make a special donation of any amount as part of your annual charitable giving or in honor of someone special, click on the button below. Your donation is handled securely by NCF, the largest National Christian Community Foundation in the country. Spark+Echo Arts and NCF are 501(c)(3) tax exempt organizations and all gifts are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. You may also donate securely via PayPal.

Give a Major Gift of Non-Cash Assets

Spark+Echo Arts is able to accept non-cash assets such as stocksbusiness interests, and real estate with assistance from our partners at the National Christian Fund

Founded in 1982 by Larry Burkett, Ron Blue, and Terry Parker, the National Christian Foundation has sent over $4.5 billion in in grants to over 30,000 churches, ministries, and non-profit organizations like Spark+Echo Arts. Visit or contact us to learn more about how to maximize your giving potential. There are many exciting options here for the generous giver!

Foundation Support

We are thankful to the generosity of various foundations that have supported the ongoing work of Spark+Echo Arts. Foundation support has been crucial in giving artists and audiences transformative experiences with the Bible and the arts. Through our integration with Patreon, our project gives opportunities for individual donors at any income level to support the intersection of faith and art.

If you are part of a foundation that is looking for ways to inspire people of faith to support the arts, consider a grant that matches Patreon gifts as a potential opportunity to further your mission. Contact us to learn more.

A Vision for our Financial Future

As of 2018, Spark+Echo artists have illuminated 14% of the Bible. We estimate it will take 4,000 works of art and twelve years to illuminate the rest of the Bible.

When we have a full house of 2,000 patrons, giving via Patreon, our community will be able to raise our artist honorarium to $500 per work. We will also be able to provide a “creative fund” to help filmmakers hire actors, musicians pay for studio time, choreographers to pay dancers, and more. Our vision is for the entirety of patron gifts to be put toward artist honorariums and this creative fund.

Through many small gifts of 2,000 people over twelve years, our patron community will be able to do something grand, raise $3,000,000 to give directly to artists creating art on the Bible.

Four thousand new works of art over twelve years means we will be premiering approximately one work every day. Our small staff facilitates the creation and sharing of these works. We are looking to major donors, foundations, and non-cash assets to match this $3,000,000 of generosity from our many small-gift patrons on Patreon, providing the support staff to facilitate the creation and dissemination of 4,000 works of art.

Our vision: Together, loyal patrons, major donors, and foundations will raise $6,000,000 over twelve years, the total cost to premiere a magnificent, never-been-done, breathtaking, unique, surprising, beautiful, collection of art from artists in every state and every nation on every verse of the Bible.