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We Were Like Those Who Dream: Spark+Echo Arts Compilation Album Vol. 2

Feb 05, 2017 By Jonathon Roberts

We are excited to announce the release of our second compilation album from Spark+Echo Arts! Thanks to the success of Volume 1: Narwhal and Ocelot, we now proudly present to you, Volume 2: We Were Like Those Who Dream. Compiled by Spark and Echo Arts staff, it features a wide ranging collection of songs and instrumental recordings created for Spark and Echo Arts over the last seven years, now available to download for the first time!

Click below to preview and then purchase via our BandCamp Page. Every dollar goes to keeping this project running and creating more great art in response to the Bible. Thank you to you and all the artists who made this album possible! 

Cover Art from “Psalm 2,” by Spark and Echo Artist Nicora Gangi.