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Introducing Our 2019 Artist in Residence

Jan 28, 2019 By Rebecca Testrake

This year, we are excited to announce to you our 2019 Artist in Residence: Lancelot Schaubert.

You may be familiar with his work after reading his short story written in the middle of 2018, “As Waters Cover.” (Although, if you haven’t read it, you really should. You’re missing out. Promise. But look! We’ve included a link to his story for you. Now, there’s basically nothing keeping you from reading it. But, back to Lancelot—who requested that we let you know that he is giving away some of his best work.)

We so enjoyed his work and enthusiasm for the project that we figured him a natural fit as an artist in residence. A first in the history of Spark+Echo Arts, he started live-streaming his progress on Youtube as he works on his project. So, get yourselves ready: Here comes Lancelot!

Born and raised in Southern Illinois amid four generations of carpenters (and named either after Lancelot the knight or Lancelot the soap opera character, depending on which parent you ask), I moved to Joplin, Missouri for college where I did internships in San Diego among young artists and in Detroit — Dearborn — where I taught English and citizenship to Arab immigrants. I auditioned for some TV shows, helped internationals feel at home, and started an artist support group with Mark Neuenschwander, the photographer.

In college, I majored in rhetoric and minored in mythology and ancient literature. Somewhere in there, I fumbled along trying to woo the grooviest girl in the world to marry me. She was from Ferguson, Missouri.

Now, we live in New York City. In addition to writing and producing, I work for ACT International helping artists in the city think cleverer, feel deeper, and act truer. Sometimes I give them grants to jumpstart their careers. Most of the time I just cook them food, let them crash at my place, and hold them when NBC rejects their screenplay or only five of their paintings sell at their gallery. If that’s you, I’m in your corner.

By now, I’ve written hundreds of articles and stories and poems (maybe thousands?) and I’ve spoken for various conferences on writing, culture creating, neighborhood development, and virtue ethics.

I’m hard at work on what will be my first published novel, but I’m also quite dangerous with a nail gun. Ask me about the squirrel sometime.

Curious to know more? You can check out his SoundCloud artist page, Amazon author page, or the About page on his website.