Artists in Residence

Spark+Echo Artists in Residence spend a year developing and creating a major work in response to Scripture. Click on their names to view their projects.

Current Artists in Residence

Spark+Echo Arts seeks to develop and support communities of artists who engage with and create in response to the Bible. Due to the impacts of COVID-19 and some internal changes, we decided to pause the Artist in Residency for a year so that we could regroup our resources. Our hope is to continue offering this opportunity in 2021.

Previous Artists in Residence

Sapient Soul, Marlanda Dekine (Poetry + Spoken Word)

Lancelot Schaubert (Short Story)

Elias Popa (Installation Art)

Aaron Beaumont (Music), Lily Maase (Music)

Ebitenyefa Baralaye (Visual Art), Chris Knight (Film), Lauren Ferebee (Theatre), Stephanie Miracle (Dance)

Benje Daneman (Music), Jason DaSilva (Film), Melissa Beck (Visual Art), Don Nguyen (Theatre), Christine Suarez (Dance), The Spark & Echo Band (Music)

Nicora Gangi (Visual Art), Emily Ruth Hazel (Poetry)